LCD and Display Systems, Monitors & Customs


STx offers OEM’s and ODM's standard and application-specific displays. STx's solution based approach assures the right display and system for the application. In today's technology-savvy/value oriented world, there are continual opportunities for designing and specifying display and human interface systems. From the static design of present then transitioning to a new higher level of display system integration to meet future needs. STx works closely with display sources, such as ThreeFive, to guaranteed the right solution that meets or exceeds industrial requirements such as extended longevity, typically 7 to 10 years, special agencies, and ruggedized designs.


STx display solutions include custom monitor designs and custom terminals when combined with our SBC products.

Embedded Monitor System Kits

iPCBThe monitor kits includes a ThreeFive color LCD panel with 10 year life and display module with PC inputs. It is available with resistive, PCAP or SAW touch screen. Optional cabinets are available.


eMS101 has an a-Si TFT LCD 1024(RGB) x 600 10.1" Panel and available in a 20" x 6" x 1.25" chassis.



iPCBThese terminals include an SBC with 10/100 Ethernet, UART, and USB connectivity. The SBC, ePCB, can boot from either an SD card or NAND Flash. Optional touch screens & Flash sizes are available. Other SBCs and LCD panel sizes are available. Chassis are optional.


eBerry has a 7" WVGA color TFT