Three levels of support & services cover all your needs.

Level 1 Basic Support, free:

For customers having problems with our standard products.

This includes needs relating to hardware workmanship or software, start-up problems and any peripherals or material provided with the product. Included is support for configuring the standard integrated development environment (IDE), JTAG debuggers and standard hosts.

Level 2 Extended Service, hourly rate/package:

For customers that need assistance with our product.

STx will provide extended services for those customers that need to add external hardware peripherals or unsupported software on the standard products. Our support may be directly by STx or an affiliate. This services may include limited training for either STx products or third-party products. All phone support will be scheduled in advance. STx will provide schematics in PDF and DSN (Orcad database), all modifications and patches, test code source and Abatron BDI2000 script as standard service products. We also offer standard Level 2 service packages, see ‘L2 Products’.

Level 3 Full Service, cost quoted per requirement:

For customers that need a custom version of our product.

STx will assign an engineer to work with the customer for full customization of both product hardware and software. This could include full training for product hardware, software, or integrated development environment by either STx or an affiliate.